Hi there,
my name
is Eric.

Graphic Designer & Photographer

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Seen here is a spec mockup of a Drunk Elephant campaignPoster and swag design for Epilepsy Southwestern OntarioPictured is a spread designed for a fictitious magazine called Modana.Seen here is a spec design for a Vivienne Westwood spread for the website the Real Real.Packaging for a cinnamon raisin pinwheelsPackaging for the fictitious beer brand Flora, and their sales promotional event for a save the bees campaign
A little bit of
info about me

From drawing on my bedroom walls to the hours spent looking at magazines, as far back as I can remember I was destined to be a creative. Traction in my choice to pursue Graphic Design began with a free Adobe Photoshop trial, I spent hours upon hours at our family desktop computer designing and before I even knew it, the 30 days were up. After convincing my parents to purchase me the subscription and enrolling in a tech class, I knew it was the career for me. As a Graphic Designer, I have a passion for all forms of digital art, with special skill and expertise for photo editing and manipulation, along with packing design. As a creative, I intend to continue learning and expanding my horizons to encompass all aspects of design. 

Seen here is an example of the before and after edit done for a magazine spread.Seen here is a mockup for a hot sauce brand called Ninth Circle.A spec design for a with purchase game for Northland Mall in London Ontario.A mockup design for the non for profit organization Childcan and their 10000 Paces Run Walk event.